Posted by: borneo.permatawisata | October 5, 2007


A Commitment to Sustaining the Rainforest, Save the Water and Environments

“We recognize travel enlightens and promotes East, Central,South,West and other part of  Borneo. The package’s Orangutans Wildlife Tours, Mahakam River Safari, Kutai National Park Tours, Dayak Cultural Tours, Floating Market Tours, Expeditions Tours, Cross East to West Borneo, Explorer the Borneo Hinterland and others designed itineraries. Our mission is to Sustaining the Rainforest and offer well-balanced, educational, culturally-broadening, and most importantly, fun tours that inspire and inform.”

Our Values

Quality: We are committed to continuously and proactively improving the quality of our services by constantly enhancing existing tours and developing new tours.
Value: We offer tours with the best combination of price and quality.
Enjoyment: We strive to create a fun, informative and enthusiastic tour environment our tour members look forward to participating in each day.
Culture: Our tours are tailored to break down as many barriers to the lifestyle, customs and traditions as possible to allow the maximum exposure and experience.
Honesty and Integrity: All business is conducted in a forthright and trustworthy manner, and all business practices will be consistent with our Mission and Values.

Borneo Discovery Tours